Our Story: Driving Financial Inclusion in Cameroon

Diaspora Account Services: Stay Connected with Your Finances Worldwide

Being away from home doesn’t mean you have to be disconnected from your finances. iGLOBAL FINANCE offers Diaspora Account services, specially designed for individuals living abroad.

Key Features:

Access your account and manage your finances from anywhere in the world.

Easily send money to your home country and loved ones with competitive exchange rates.

Choose from a range of currencies to suit your international financial needs.

Access your account 24/7 through our secure online banking platform.

Enjoy personalized support for your unique financial situation as a member of the diaspora community.

Why Choose iGLOBAL FINANCE Diaspora Account

  • Global Reach: Stay connected with your finances, no matter where life takes you.
  • Competitive Rates: Enjoy favorable exchange rates for international transfers.
  • Convenient Currency Options: Choose the currency that aligns with your financial needs.
  • Peace of Mind: Our secure online banking ensures the safety of your transactions.


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Access Internet Banking!

Experience the freedom and convenience of managing your finances online with iGLOBAL FINANCE Internet Banking services.